About Us

Ship Supply Agency

Bearing in mind to assit seafeares world wide Classaffaire-X maritime agency, has been created during the 21sth century to mutch this goal under name by Mr Simon Yao KOUDAHE & son, which performs precisely at the port of Lomé(Togo), and serves good qualities in several activities in the supply operations, vessels invarious local and foreign products, such as food, and even garbage collection, we provide according to your needs with fast and efficient delivery satisfaction with course, and every day including weekends. That is our main mission and experience as currency. Our customers can expect fast, efficient service for all their ship chandlery needs and this 24/24 and 7/7. What gives us the edge in comparison with other companies is the dynamism of our services, the excellence of our products and our availability for you. Our employees try to take as much work out of your hands as is possible and will just simply take that extra step for you. That is what makes us more than your average ship chandler. That is what makes Action Services Ship Chandler (lomé) Togo.

Practice Areas

  • General Ship Supply
  • Assistance to crew
  • General Cleaning Service
  • Ship Repaire and Technical Service
  • Rental Service
  • Fumigation Service